Who we are

No non-sense, no jargon, no bullsh*t. We provide our customers with simple answers to complicated questions. 

So why TinCan? Because it's simple, quite catchy and easy to understand... exactly what we're about!

We don’t have any hidden gotchas, unexpected surprises, or “convenient” omissions at the point of sale.

The world of telecoms started with a simple piece of string and 2 cans, not everybody understood how it worked or needed to, the fact is that it just did and could be used effectively; we approach all of our customers in this way. Of course if you wish to know everything below the surface and the inner workings we are only too happy to take you on the journey.

All too often we meet with clients who have been bamboozled with tech talk, acronyms, and telecoms language that means very little to them. The sales focus has been on technology and how much the salesperson can sell you and impress you with “techy” talk rather than focusing on YOUR business, YOUR needs, and YOUR customers.

We are passionate about customer service as we are sure you are, we truly believe this is a major differentiator in business. The relationship we enjoy with our customers is extremely refreshing and to this end our customers are for life. We treat all of our customers just like we would our friends!! With respect, trust and a simple ethos of always doing the right thing!