Get a head start

With the 2025 deadline approaching, you can get a head start by migrating to SoGEA Broadband.

SoGEA Broadband? What is it?

Single Order Generic Ethernet Access is the new kid on the block. Your broadband will no longer need to be supplied over a standard phone line, saving you money.

SoGEA is the simple answer to complcated issues many businesses face. TinCan Comms make your transition seamless with little to no disruption.  The time is now to get ahead.

2025 isn't that far away...

Don't be that person, leaving everything last minute

Don’t be the one who leaves it to the last minute.

The switch will happen to every business in the UK, getting ahead of the game can prevent downtime when the time comes.

A little more on SoGEA

Prior to SoGEA, installing a traditional phone line was required to deliver broadband to a home or office; however, SoGEA uses the same fiber/copper network without the WLR (Wholesale Line Rental = Phone line) component.

The data rates for SoGEA are the same as those for FTTC broadband. It provides the same performance and is equally geographically accessible. The absence of a phone line is the only modification.
SoGEA is a dedicated line that provides a broadband connection and has a phone line as its base.

This means that customers moving to SoGEA from a phoneline-reliant broadband solution will need a voice call service that uses VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) to continue

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