R & J Aggregates

Since becoming a customer of Tincan, we have been amazed at just how much has improved.

Not only did Amy make the process smooth, easy to understand, and well tailored to us; she also ensured that whatever was promised, was delivered.

Prior to meeting with Amy, it was like we were two completely separate businesses, we had looked around at some of the major communications companies to try and gain some form of connectivity between our two sites, however due to being a rural company - we were told it wasn't possible.

Amy has made it possible and now our two separate sites are fully connected and, can hold and transfer calls between sites; it's finally as though we are one business. Previously customer's were having to redial different numbers just to get through to the right person, and now with our new system we are able to transfer the call quickly, and efficiently, with the press of a button.

Not only has Tincan completely enhanced the way we communicate with our customers when they call us, we now rarely miss calls due to the missed call capture feature, and when we do, we are able to call them straight back with ease. Thus improving our communication with our customers and the way we work as a business, together.

We would highly recommend Tincan, not only has Amy completely enhanced our day-to-day running via our phone system, but Amy and the team are always extremely welcoming to any questions and there to help us whenever necessary!

Marie Moody – Director, R & J Aggregates / R & J Gravels