Same old, on-hold?

No one likes hearing the same old rubbish whist on-hold. Stand out, be different & be remembered. 

Advertise products whilst they wait

There isn’t much more annoying than being placed on-hold, right?

Why not make it more enjoyable for them with a message from your business. 

Whether it’s to advertise your services or play a banger of a tune, entertain them whilst they wait.

On-hold marketing is what exactly?

Advertise your products and services or keep customers occupied with voice or a catchy tune whilst they’re on-hold. On-hold marketing is a simple way to eradicate prospect potentially going elsewhere.

As well as giving off a professional look to customers and prospects, it’s a great way to tell customers about services, offers and products.

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Benefits of On-Hold Marketing

Increased brand awareness

On-hold marketing can help businesses to increase brand awareness by keeping their name and message in front of customers while they are on hold.

Improved customer service

On-hold marketing can help to improve customer service by reducing perceived wait times and by providing customers with useful information while they are on hold.

Increased sales

On-hold marketing can help to increase sales by promoting products and services to customers while they are in a buying frame of mind.

Reduced customer churn

On-hold marketing can help to reduce customer churn by keeping customers engaged and satisfied while they are on hold.

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