Help your business survive and thrive with the TinCan Comms Cloud

Help your business survive and thrive with the TinCan Comms Cloud

The way we do business and communicate is changing. Small and medium businesses need to adapt with it. For those businesses with on-premises phone systems, adapting has been particularly challenging.

Many employees are forwarding their work numbers to their mobile devices. Some team members are receiving calls on the main business line but are unable to transfer.

This is hard to maintain, and businesses are looking for ideal ways to support remote work in the long run. Cloud phone systems can support remote work, reduce costs, and simplify technology. A cloud phone system from Tincan Comms has the additional benefit of integrating into various systems for an all-in-one communication solution and is delivered from TinCan Comms’ reliable and secure cloud. Let’s explore the TinCan Comms Cloud, a phone system designed for businesses, can help your business strive forward.

Work remotely
The need to work remotely has impacted businesses substaintially. Businesses with cloud-based systems have transitioned relatively seamlessly. The main business line continues to point customers to an auto attendant or receptionist, and calls are transferred accordingly. Team members continue to answer and make calls from their computers and mobile phones with some bringing their desk phones and headsets home.

Reduce costs
Technology is essential for small and medium businesses to thrive. At a time like this, after Covid-19., technology needs to do more than create a return on an investment, it must also reduce costs. In a recent study by Forrester Consulting, three SMEs had saved over 30% moving to Business Voice from their prior solutions

Simplify technology
Several businesses are looking at how they can streamline operations. Some are making their tech simpler for employees. The TinCan Comms Cloud enables employees to have a consistent experience across devices through calling, meetings, and chat.

Integrating the TinCan Comms Cloud streamlines setup and management in the same portal as the rest of the TinCan Comms solutions. You can ensure your business runs smoothly by rolling out updates, monitoring usage, and troubleshooting issues from anywhere. Because the service is delivered from our cloud, your phone system is secure and scalable wherever you are.