Computer Telephony Integration

Make outgoing calls and take incoming calls in real-time from your computer or mobile devices.

Computer Telephony Integrations

Ditch the Dial Tone, Embrace the Symphony

Forget clunky phone systems and confusing integrations. TinCan Comms brings the modern melody to your business communication with our seamless computer telephony integration (CTI) service.

Is there a way to increase staff productivity? What if I want to know who’s calling before answering? Are they already a customer? Can I link my phone to my computer?

At TinCan we can answer these simple question

Computer Telephony Integrations

The personal touch...

Seamless Symphony

We effortlessly integrate your phone system with your existing software, creating a unified communication platform. No more juggling tools, just pure communication bliss.

One-Click Calling:

Forget dialing! Simply click a phone number on your screen and let the conversation begin. It's as easy as hitting play on your favorite song.

Smart Routing

Our system acts like your personal conductor, routing calls to the most qualified team member based on skills and availability. No more holding on hold, just efficient connections.

Powerful Analytics

Gain valuable insights with our built-in call recording and analytics. Identify areas for improvement and optimize your communication strategy for peak performance.

Plus, with TinCan Comms CTI, you get

Here to help

Dedicated Support

Our friendly and knowledgeable support staff is always available to help you harmonize your communication needs.

Sky is the limit


Whether you’re a small startup or a growing enterprise, our CTI service scales seamlessly to fit your business.

Always affordable

Competitive Pricing

We believe everyone deserves access to great communication tools, that’s why we offer affordable pricing options to fit any budget.

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