Cloud phone systems

Easy to use and adaptable. Can be accessed from any location, using any device.

Business Mobile Solutions

Do more with the cloud

Our cloud-based phone systems are equipped with all the necessary tools to ensure seamless communication among team members, regardless of their location.

With features such as call recording and built-in softphone and mobile app functionality, your team members have the freedom to work in the way that suits them best.

Business Cloud

Why should you jump on the Tincan Cloud?

Increased productivity

Employees can be more productive when they can access their phone and other communication tools from anywhere, at any time.

Reduced costs

A small business can save thousands each year by switching from a traditional on-premises PBX system to a cloud-based phone system.

Improved customer service

Businesses can provide better customer service by being able to handle customer inquiries more quickly and efficiently with a cloud-based call center solution.

Enhanced disaster recovery

Businesses can protect their data and ensure business continuity in the event of a disaster with a cloud-based telecoms solution.

Cloud based phone systems for businesses of all sizes...

Start-ups and small businesses

Giving you the tools to grow and expand

Deploy full mobility by allowing employees to work remotely, whether they’re at home or on the beach.

Medium to large enterprises

Support continued growth for bigger teams

Get ahead of the 2025 switch off and eliminate traditional phone lines, allowing for easy integration with your applications and scale with ease.

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