CareCare Repair

I met Amy when she came in to repair her car in a panic! As she was waiting In our office for us to quote for the damage (we had to get prices because some parts where beyond repair) Amy noticed how old our phone network was and asked if we would be interested in looking at a modern system with benefits? At the time we were getting a lot complaints of missed calls and generally no one calling back. Amy told me a new system would have this all covered, plus reports of the peak times and all incoming calls in the business. I was very apprehensive at first, yet a persuasive Amy with her wit and charm was keen to demonstrate how her complete solution would not only save me money but increase sales…the plot thickened.

So I reluctantly I gave Amy some of my time and she gave Car Care Repair a complete communication audit, on the system, broadband, lines and calls, the lot!

Amy quickly established that we were missing things and not working as efficiently as we could be with the phones .The way she presented and approached the issues was clear and made instant sense she knew what was needed for our type of business. The solution she put together for us has in fact improved our sales around 30% we never miss calls now.

We deal with high level clients that can be demanding so will only accept the highest level of customer Service and we feel that the new system Amy designed and implemented allows us to do this and a whole lot more. She's always on hand for any questions post sales which is something we have never found with previous "sales people" and often checks in on us which makes a real difference. None of that call centre customer service here!

So, here I write this as an acknowledgement to Amy who has helped my Company become more professional in its approach and more responsive with call’s which after all are the company’s main source of revenue and the preferred contact choice by our clients.

Greg Worthington, Managing Director