Call Reporting

Get full visibility over your business operations with real-time and in-depth call reporting

Call Reporting

Uncover the Rhythm of Your Business Calls

At TinCan Comms, we’re all about transforming calls into valuable insights with our powerful call reporting solution.

We go beyond just “ringing, ringing,” allowing you to understand your call patterns, identify areas for improvement, and ultimately, boost your customer satisfaction.

Call Reporting

Make your business communication sing

Detailed Insights

Gain a comprehensive view of your call activity, including call volume, duration, and wait times. Identify peak hours and adjust staffing accordingly.

Performance Tracking

Monitor the performance of your team members and identify opportunities for coaching and development. See who's excelling and who needs a little extra support.

Customer Journey Mapping

Understand the customer journey by analysing call recordings and identifying common call topics and pain points. Use these insights to improve your communication strategy and increase customer satisfaction.

Customisable Reports

Generate reports tailored to your specific needs, whether you're looking at overall call trends, individual agent performance, or specific marketing campaigns.

Plus, with TinCan Comms Reporting, you get:

No confusion here

User-Friendly Interface

Our intuitive dashboard makes it easy to access and analyze your call data, even if you’re not a data whiz.

Sky is the limit


Our reporting solution grows with your business, providing valuable insights regardless of your team size or call volume.

Export the reports

Export & Share

 Export your reports in various formats and share them with your team for better collaboration and decision-making

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