Superfast & Super Reliable Business Broadband

Dedicated super speedy fibre just for your own business use or a single home user…we’ve got you covered.

Whether you're after super speedy fibre or a standard business broadband solution, we've got you covered.

Business Broadband

No excuse for lagging

For anger-free Zoom and Teams calls, collaborations without jitters, and day-to-day operations, Business Fibre is the perfect combination of speed and value for small businesses.


We provide our customers with only the fastest broadband speeds, regardless of location.

Super reliable

We boast a robust and super reliable broadband connection, with an expert support team and engineers on-hand if needed.

Business Broadband Packages for everyone

Leased Lines

Get your own dedicated and reliable broadband connection, providing unparalleled speeds, coverage and reliability.

Fibre to the Cabinet

Fibre to the cabinet, or FTTC, is the most common fibre broadband with 95% of UK coverage. 

Fibre to the Premises

Fibre to the premises is the emerging, more modern and faster version to it’s counterpart, Fibre to the Cabinet.


SoGea is the new kid on the block. Your broadband will no longer need to be supplied over a standard phone line.

Connect Anywhere with 5G

Unlock instant access to everything you need, on the go, with ultra-quick speeds and flawless streaming.


Unsure to what broaband is best for you? Simply fill in our form below and we can help you find the best solution for you. 

Business Broadband

Get ahead before BT pull the plug

In 2017 BT Openreach told us all that they were going to pull the plug on the existing telephone network.

With the 2025 deadline approaching, you can get a head start by migrating to SoGEA Broadband.

Business Broadband Solutions

Here are some specific benefits of business broadband for different types of businesses:

Retail businesses

Business broadband can help retail businesses to improve their customer service by providing faster and more reliable internet access for their customers. For example, customers can use their mobile devices to access the internet while they are in the premises.

Service businesses

Business broadband can help service businesses to improve their productivity by providing faster and more reliable internet access for their employees. For example, employees can use video conferencing to collaborate with clients and colleagues, or to access cloud-based applications.

Manufacturing businesses

Business broadband can help manufacturing businesses to improve their efficiency by providing faster and more reliable internet access for their production line equipment. For example, equipment can be connected to the internet to monitor performance and to identify and resolve problems quickly.

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