Broadband Services

Broadband Services

"I'll never have an email address or that dial up thingy!"

9 years ago we remember having this conversation with a customer. Needless to say he now has an email address and even has Fibre rather than dial up, we've come a long way and so has his business.... He does more business online now than through any other method. Oh how time changes..... But so do your needs.

This is why TinCan offer so many different options on Internet solutions, not to confuse you but make sure we can offer the right connectivity for you. Don't worry we don't expect you to know this but by us understanding your business and certain checks our end we can recommend the best solution for you.

"Get connected ..... Stay connected"

We like to think we are easy to talk to and would love the chance to talk to you... Please give us a call on 0800 083 0900 and we can have a chat . But don't worry if you'd rather drop us a line to begin our friendship, just complete the short form below...