9 Group Ltd

Since Tin Can was established they have developed a long standing partnership with 9 Group, where they are now recognised as one of our fastest growing partners. It is a pleasure to work with Amy and her team at Tin Can, as they take pride in ensuring that they not only provide the right solution first time for their customers but they are fanatical about delivering an exceptional after sale service.

The Telecoms industry is renowned for its many acronyms and fast pace, with regular new products launching and then upgrading as technology evolves. More features are constantly becoming available for customers to utilise and experience day to day. The team at Tin Can proactively make sure they keep up to date with these advancements however they are exceptional at being able to simplify and demonstrate the benefits to their customers.

We look forward to continuing our strategic partnership with Tin Can for many more years...

Adam Cathcart, Managing Director, 9 Group Ltd