3 UK and Curry's team up to build a resilient partnership

3 UK and Curry's team up to build a resilient partnership

Three UK, has announced the next stage in its plans to reshape the business connectivity market through a new partnership with Currys Business.

This will see Three's business services offered across Currys' partner distribution network, direct sales teams and more than 300 stores, including 50 specialist shopping centres.

This long-term partnership significantly extends the reach of Three Business and is the first time Three has partnered with a major national retailer and business distributor.

The additional scale and reach of the Currys Partner channel follows recent momentum for Three Business in their direct partner channel and plays a major role in its distribution strategy.

Currys Retail

The multi-year agreement will enable businesses of all sizes to purchase Three's Business services through Curry's direct channels. All this is handled by their expert team of mobile specialist dealers.

Currys Partner Network

The three business services will be available through Currys' nationwide partner network of over 200 partners, able to link airtime and hardware to a range of potential customers across the UK.

Three's business services will therefore be sold across all Currys B2B sales channels, including their partner distribution network, inbound and outbound direct sales teams and through their retail referral program will be available in over 300 stores including 50 dedicated malls.